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Game of Rent

Project Manager: Jaden Hicks

Change++ has been working with Urban Housing Solutions to convert a board game called “The Game of Rent” into an online/mobile version. The game introduces players to the challenges of finding affordable housing for people of different socioeconomic classes. The interactive version will allow more people to experience the alarming takeaways of how pervasive the affordable housing crisis is. Jaden and his team have been working closely with Kelsey Oesmann, the creator of the game, to fully conceptualize, design, and develop this new online version.

Black Peabody and LatinX Alumni Directory

Project Manager: Juyoung Kim 

Juyoung has been leading her team to develop alumni directories for the black peabody college alumni and LatinX alumni communities at Vanderbilt University. Members of the community will be able to log into the directory, create a profile, and query the already existing alumni in the directory to seek out new personal and professional connections. This project started last year and we are so excited to officially launch it this summer!


Project Manager: Ethan Shifrin 

Ethan has been working closely with Dr. Leah Dundon on creating an interactive app aimed at high school students to teach them about climate change. The app will pair with an e-book to be used in a classroom and allow the students to learn about climate change, the environmental effects of climate change, and investigate their impact personally. Some features of the app will be a personal carbon contribution counter and short video clips from the United Nations climate change conference.


Project Managers: Michael Sandborn, Arda Turkman, Chenhao Ma

Over the past year, Change++ has been working with Michelle She, Vanderbilt alumnus, on developing Kumi, an accessible clothing system. Kumi, an Android and iPhone app, will interface with RFID sensors and QR codes to allow visually impaired people to hear information concerning clothing items they are thinking about purchasing/wearing for social, casual, and professional settings.

Unheard Voices Outreach

Project Manager: Connor Waslo 

In 2017 Rahim Buford founded Unheard Voices Outreach to empower formerly incarcerated persons to be leaders in reentry, community building, and to raise awareness about “felonism.” The organization develops re-entry plans for incarcerated individuals and Change++ is helping them to build an application, which will provide formerly incarcerated persons with a toolkit to adjusting and succeeding in life after prison.