Nothing says “start something new” like the beginning of the new year. Thus, with the start of 2019, Change++ unveiled a new computer science course at Vanderbilt. In this course, computer science students will be able to have a direct advisor, produce their application in a highly creative and motivated, yet also academic environment, as well as gain CS course credit for the amazing work they accomplish with Change++. This semester, students enrolled in this course are on teams working to produce the Wond’ry Housing project and the International Bridges to Justice project. Now that these projects are under a directed course of study, though still independently led by the Project Managers, Senior Developers, and their teams of developers, Change++ can ensure the speedy and efficient completion of these projects at the highest caliber.

We are so excited to be working with Vanderbilt in this symbiotic way and look forward to our rapidly growing relationship with the university and Nashville moving forward!