We live in an unfair world. The legal system in most developing countries can only be described as inequitable. Most people in the developing world do not know their legal rights, and they live in a system that rewards the rich in the detriment of the poor. This stems from the fact that good lawyers are too expensive, thus people who are in the lower socioeconomic strata do not have adequate representation in court. 

Change++ along with International Bridges to Justice are working on one solution: develop an app that pairs lawyers to customers in developing countries, which will create a standard for criminal defense worldwide. This app will ensure that even those who do not have the means to hire a good representation in court will have one. We recognize that some events are unexpected, thus family members will be able to contact lawyers through a hotline. This hotline will pinpoint lawyers depending on location and availability, and will sent the paired lawyers information about the case.

We will be using big data within the app by collecting information about the justice index in each locality, and then displaying it in a heat map. This map will feature the areas that are currently underfunded, and thus will help donors do more impactful donations.

Change++ is excited to be working with International Bridges to Justice in an app that will revitalize a lost sense of justice, and we are looking forward to work alongside prominent organizations in this and future projects.